Advisure works hands-on and our professionals are able to take on executive and managerial roles to ensure the implementation of developed and decided solutions and plans. Following are some examples of roles and projects that we have done in the past.

Strategy & Organization

  • Developing total strategy and implementation program plan, global truck OEM
  • Program lead of total reorganizing of entire group, global automotive OEM
  • Market research of complementary businesses, global automotive OEM
  • Business case & strategy assessment EV, car OEM
  • Assessment of group wide synergy potentials, global automotive OEM
  • Director new business concepts, strategy & innovation, global automotive OEM
  • Portfolio management of business divisions, global automotive OEM
  • Change management in restructuring of HR org., global automotive OEM
  • VP Strategy, Mergers & Acquisitions, car OEM



  • Working capital improvement projects, global automotive OEM
  • Activity based cost and profitability analysis (products/markets/customers), global bus OEM
  • Efficiency projects in financial processes and organization, global automotive OEM
  • Revenue, trade & tax Europe-Asia assessment, car OEM


  • EVP Purchasing, car OEM
  • Director purchasing, automotive component supplier
  • Director strategic sourcing, car OEM
  • Manager strategic sourcing EV, car OEM
  • Manager strategic sourcing interior, car OEM
  • Manager strategic sourcing exterior, car OEM
  • Purchasing financial controlling, car OEM


  • Cost efficiency project in a complex aviation manufacturing site, global automotive OEM
  • Manager lean manufacturing, car OEM
  • Manager Kan-Ban methodology and IT solutions, automotive component supplier


Marketing, Sales & Aftersales

  • Sales management, international automotive component supplier
  • Re-structuring of market organizations in Europe and Asia, global automotive OEM
  • Assessment of truck dealer & service organizations, global truck OEM
  • Improving sales and aftermarket efficiency, global bus OEM

Product Management

  • CPM/Director Vehicle Line, car OEM (market, industrial, R&D, total business)
  • CPM/Director telematics, car OEM
  • Executive program management EV product line, car OEM (market, industrial, R&D, total business)
  • Product net profitability assessment, bus OEM
  • Radical product cost reduction by content balancing, car OEM
  • Commercialization of waste generated LNG plants, global automotive OEM

Executive roles

  • CEO Battery manufacturing, automotive battery manufacturer
  • CEO/Executive Vice President North America operations, automotive component supplier
  • Board member, automotive component supplier

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