Our ethical standards

Our ethical standards

The following ethical standards applies both to Advisure's personnel as well as the associated consultants we engage:

  • We should take full account of all business information relating to clients as confidential.

  • We will act professionally in all respects. Objectivity, integrity and accuracy characterize our approach.

  • We should not deceive our customers by creating unrealistic expectations or promise reliable results.

  • We should not act in a discriminatory in any way, such as gender, age, ethnicity and religion, but will strive for non-discrimination and equal opportunities for all.

  • We must avoid acting in potentially conflicting positions or assignments in parallel, without the clients or partners informed in advance of this and give their consent.

  • Associated consultants may not during the assignment have financial or other interests with Advisures clients in respect of commission.


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Advisure provides quality assured Interim Executive Managers to businesses and organisations in need of temporary qualified leadership capacity.

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