Reference cases

Reference cases

At Advisure we are proud of the results our Interim Executive Managers achieve for our clients. Each mission is unique and has its own special challenges and circumstances. Here we present some examples of missions where we have provided qualified Interim Executive Managers.

Reference 1: Re-start of a car manufacturer

The client had acquired an automotive manufacturer from a bancruptcy estate with the intention to restart the car manufacturing. The challenge was to commit all 500 suppliers to again start to deliver material to the production. Advisure assigned an interim Vice Pesident Purchasing who built up the purchasing department and started to negotiate with the suppliers and find solutions for parts not available any more. Within 12 months, all production material, consisting about 2300 parts, started to ship into the manufacturing plant and the first complete cars could roll out from the factory. This was a unique success within the industry.

Reference 2: New car development

A car OEM was in the starting phase of a new car project and there was a need for a business manager with the responsibilities of product definition, commercial issues, product cost and coordination with the R&D and manufacturing departments. Advisure appointed an experienced interim Vice President Vehicle Line Management who had previous experiences from a car OEM. The project is still running and is currently keeping targeted cost levels, product features and time plan.

Reference 3: Establishing new organisation in China

The client was about to establish a new business in China and needed an executive profile that could both bridge between the Swedish and the Chinese organisation as well as build structures and organization on-site in China. Advisure appointed an interim executive manager who previously had lived and worked some years in China. During a 10-moths period the interim executive manager succeeded to establish the new organisation.


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