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Being an Interim Executive

  1. Send us your open inquiry and your resume on this link.

  1. We confirm by e-mail that we have received your inquiry and resume.

  1. Either we book a interview with you within short or you will hear from us when we have an client inquiry of a matching assignment.

  1. We meet for an interview.

  1. Possible reference persons are contacted.

Handling of personal information

Advisure will record information from your resume, your contact information and notes of interviews with you to facilitate the search of the interim manager candidates. The data will only be processed by us within Advisure. Only after approval from you selected information, such as resume, will be exhibited to Advisure's clients.

You have, according to § 26 of the Swedish Personal Data Act (1998:204), the right to annually receive information about what personal data about you that we treat and how we treat them. You also have the right under § 28 Data Protection Act to request correction of the personal data we hold about you.

The fact that I send in my resume I agree that Advisure AB handles personal information about me in accordance with the above.


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Advisure provides quality assured Interim Executive Managers to businesses and organisations in need of temporary qualified leadership capacity.

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