Our process

Our process

This is the way to engage Advisure

1. The mission is defined

In dialogue with the client, we identify the client's situation. Together we formulate the task - what must be done and what is needed to succeed? We constructively question management tasks and candidate profile during the mission formulation. Possibly, the mission definition may be preceded by a pre-study where Advisure's specialists conducts an in-depth analysis where current situation, targets and needs are outlined and an implementation plan is developed together with the client.


2. Search and presentation of candidates

From our large network of experienced people, who have done it before and has the ability to produce results, we seek out the best candidates for the interim mission.

We present a solution that reflects the mission profile within 10 days, but often faster. The client interviews interesting candidates and references are contacted.

3. Signing of agreement

Agreement is signed between Advisure and the client and between Advisure and the interim candidate. Before the mission begins, a personality analysis may possibly be carried out on the management team to show individuals' behavior in different situations.

4. The mission is carried out

The Interim Executive Manager carries out agreed mission. Normally interim assignments last from a few months up to a year. When the mission is accomplished the Interim Executive Manager withdraws it's involvement with the client.

5. Follow-up

Both during the mission and when it is accomplished, we follow up that the client and the Interim Executive Manager are satisfied.


Advisure adds value in each phase and our actions are guided by discretion and business ethics to the client as well as interim candidates. Welcome with your inquiry. We will respond to you within 24 hours!


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Advisure provides quality assured Interim Executive Managers to businesses and organisations in need of temporary qualified leadership capacity.

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