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Q & A

What is the difference between a Management Consultant and an Interm Executive Manager?

A Management Consultant is an advisor, to a board of directors or to executives, who makes qualified analysis and recommendations. However, a Management Consultant does not have any line responsibility or accountability and no authority to make key decisions. Contrariwise, an Interim Executive Manager may also conduct qualified analysis and recommendations. However in addition, the Interim Executive Manager is fully responsible and accountable and achieves real results with the privileges of being part of a management team.

What role as Interim Executive Manager does Advisure provide?

Some example of roles as Interim Executive Manager from Advisure are:

  • CEO, MD, COO, Vice President, Senior Vice President
  • VP Manufacturing, Plant Manager, Director of Logistics, Purchasing Director
  • CTO, R&D Director, Quality Director
  • Business Project Leader, Program Director, Transformation Manager
  • CFO, Finance Director, Chief Controller
  • Marketing Director, Sales Director
  • HR Director
  • General Councel
  • Communications Director
  • CIO

What industries and businesses does Advisure have experience from?

Our Interim Executive Managers have experiences from various industries and businesses. In each assignment we select and present candidates best matching the need and with the profile suited for the mission. Some example of industries and businesses we have experience from are:

  • Mechanical and plastics industry
  • Car and truck OEM
  • Electronics och HighTech
  • MedTech
  • Furniture
  • Real estate
  • Service companies
  • Purchasing and Supply Chain
  • Logistics
  • Product development and Quality
  • Manufacturing and Assembly
  • Lean
  • Finance functions and Shared Services

What profile does an Interim Executive Manager from Advisure have?

  • a very experienced leader and expert within it’s field as functional manager, CEO or qualified project leader
  • analytical, responsive, flexible, social competent, personal integrity and a great consultative ability, but foremost operational and vigorous
  • driven by goals and likes operational challenges
  • makes an effort for the organization as whole in addition to function responsibility
  • only represents the client during the assignment
  • used to travel and act in international and multi-cultural environments
  • ensures hand-over and dismiss themselves when mission accomplished
  • an Interim Executive Manager is always overqualified for the task
  • operates in accordance with Advisure's ethical standards

How much does an Interim Executive Manager cost?

Engaging an Interim Executive Manager is not all about filling a vacant position in the organisation. The mission is to maintain a senior management or specialist position whilst driving a qualified change to accomplish lasting and successful results. Therefore, Interim Executive Management should be considered as an investment within the business.

Compared with the total cost for an employment with salary, pension, vacancy pay, benefits and perks, social fees, insurances, further training and, if appropriate, variable salary and bonuses, the remuneration for an Interim Executive Manager does stand very competitive.

The remuneration per month is higher than an employment. But hiring an Interim Executive Manager is very cost efficient if you also take into the account in being there with short notice, higher competence, accomplishing lasting results quickly and the lack of recruitment cost, redundancy cost and severance pay.

What is the fee to provide us with an Interim Executive Manager?

Our renumeration is the commission relating to the difference between the fees paid by the client and the fee to the interim manager.

Is it possible to employ the Interim Executive Manager after end of assignment?

Being an Interim Executive Manager is an active decision in the personal career development chosen by the individuals in our network. It is not a temporary position until the next employment. Exceptionally, circumstances exists when a Interim Executive Manager devolves to an employment. A recruitment fee is then reimbursed to Advisure.


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